The periodical Skalk

The periodical Skalk publishes richly illustrated articles about Danish prehistoric and medieval archaeology, history and related topics. Skalk was founded in 1957 and appears with 6 issues each year. Skalk is published in Danish and does not include summaries in other languages. Skalk has ca. 12.500 subscribers.


Said about Skalk

»Denmark produces that most famous and remarkable of all popular archaeological journals, Skalk.« Prof. Glyn Daniel in A Short History of Archaeology, 1981.
»If you wish to study European archaeology, you will have to start by learning Danish. The leading European magazine is called »SKALK« named after a Danish giant.« Current Archaeology, March 1992.



The publishing firm Wormianum, named after the 17th century antiquarian Ole Worm, is connected to Skalk. We publish books, posters and games

Our books are printed in Danish, with one exception:
»Magnetic Surveying in Archaeology«


A short selection of other articles sold from Wormianum, and you can find them in our web-shop:
»Musical Playing Cards« reprint, 18th century.
»Viking Tones« music CD, now sold in 21.000 copies.
»Nefatavl« a Viking Period game, with rules in English, Danish, Swedish, German og Italian.
»Time line« poster, 53 x 88 cm.
»Thor's Hammer« 10th century. Replica i silver.